How can one not resonate with Love
Love is the lifeline of the universe

Love is all there is
Love is everything
Love is the only expression worth chasing
Love is us

Love isn’t contracted
Love isn’t limited
Love isn’t just for a few
Love isn’t selfish
Love isn’t just for me

Love is all
Love is all
Love is all there is




Such a wonderful day
Such a beautiful day
Sun was shining to make hay

Learnt something new
Fulfilled and grew
Though by taking baby steps
With renewed concepts

A bit more aware
Plenty to share
A lot to bear
To become more aware

The day was successful
As focus was unbreakable
This day is the goal
For everyday goals



Yours is the light that brightens my being
You are the key to my lock
You are the core and I am the mantle
You are the seer

But, I have realised

I am the light that brightens myself
I am the key to my lock
I am the core to my mantle
I am the seer and seen

With utmost grace, I have been blessed
I see this through
Once and for all, the eternal truth!