World Unknown

How does one know
If it was real

When you are taken to the world unknown
All you can do is stay there, stay present, watch

It’s a world so vast
So beautiful
So wonderful
I cannot describe the expanse
It felt like I was stretched
That I was that space
That I was that universe
Stars twinkled
Moon’s so bright
Forest’s so green
Cloud’s so white
Flower’s so beautiful
Joy so real
Contentment like never before
I was there
I know I was
Mind can play games but that feeling

How does one know
If it was real

My heart says
It was real
It was
I have travelled to the world unknown




In life
We are loved
We are cared
We are touched by other lives
We become aware of ourselves in small ways
We hate our ways many times
We meet failure
We meet heartbreak
We meet life in its truest sense
We try giving up
But can we?
Life is not in our control in many ways
We cling on to hope
We build courage
We live on
We give love
In the end we understand it was all grace that kept us going
It’s His Love
It’s His Love
That’s the true Love


True Love 

It is so true what they say;
In true love you neglect what others may say.

When true love shines in front of you;
It makes you want to be not you.

Feelings take time to come and stay;
But true love is always going to stay.

I have come to believe that we are past friends;
And I have a feeling we will be forever such friends.

True love is all I want in my life;
It is the very essence of my life.

You are a lover, a friend, a guide and my morning dew;
Without You I will be wandering in these worldly blues.